Membership Categories & Dues

The focus and goals of SEAUPG are reflected by its membership, representing all facets of the asphalt paving industry – users, producers and professionals, as well as individuals and organizations. We share the latest in leading edge asphalt industry technology and developments.

Annual Membership Categories and Dues
Agency Membership $0
  Local, State and Federal agency representatives, responsible for specifications, use and approval of asphalt paving materials and asphalt pavement products and construction procedures. This membership also includes academics, (universities in active research of asphalt pavements).
Individual Membership $175
. Interested individuals from all facets of the asphalt paving industry, including paving contractors, material suppliers, (asphalt, aggregate, additives, etc.), and professional, (consultants, engineers, testing agencies, etc.). An organization may have more than one individual membership.
Organizational Membership $600.00
. As described in the individual membership class, except, organizations pay one fee for up to five employees representing the organization. (additional members under the Organization-$125)
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